The only communist monument that is planned and will hopefully be demolished is the six-winged pentapenis in front of the НДК. There are demands also for МОЧА to be demolished, but that seems highly unlikely, considering how even the obvious wreck of the pentapenis is still fiercely defended by some… people. Though I personally think it would be much better to just transform the МОЧА into a memorial for the victims of the communist occupation. It would be ironically satisfying, IMO. The pentapenis, on the other hand, should without a doubt go – it’s not only butt-ugly (yes, we know “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, but the absolutely vast majority of Sofian beholders have detested it since the very first day it was built), but even more importantly, it’s a danger to all passers-by. It started falling apart just four years after its construction, so the “deeply impoverished country” of Bulgaria, as you called it, actually can not afford to *restore* this dangerous wreck (hence why the monument will be demolished, while its plastics will be moved to a museum, or at least that’s the plan; and I’m not even getting into the whole moral debacle about the memorial of the 1st and 6th Sofia divisions). Similar is the situation with the Buzludzha monument – as we saw, even the socialists, who kept demanding to gain custody over the monument in order to repair it, actually did nothing of the sort and now the monument is officially closed for any tourists due to safety concerns (I think they recently even put guards there, after several serious incidents with people who didn’t heed the warnings). Which is a shame, IMO, because there is indeed some minor tourist interest in that derelict building and the monument itself is actually rather good-looking (you don’t get to see a flying saucer made of concrete every day). But the country can’t afford to waste money on restoring it, the БСП apparently has no such intentions either, so we can only hope it won’t crumble with any adventuring tourists inside it…


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