@aaaaa Don`t worry, I aspire to greatness. But for me greatness is to be educated, renown, book lover, athlete, culture admirer, patriot etc. Balkan in his history, beside Romans, never had any “power” so powefull tu put whole this area under one command. That is one problem, other problem is that this area was a frontier area for a long time. West and East Roman empire, Frankish and Byzantine empire, Christian Europe and islamic Ottomans etc. Third problem is our strong identity. Croatia and Bulgaria were under some rather strong foreign powers, but we didn`t lose our identity. And this goes for all southeastern Europe, not just Balkans, espec. areas populated with Slavs. So as you se, from my perspective, our situation was rather different than it was in Germany, France, Italy during their “uniforming” under one “culture”. 


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