Talking about patriotism and early statehood is real mumbo jumbo when knowing that nations in Balkans didn’t exist until mid 1800’s or even later, and they started to form in late 1700’s.”

Balkan countries didn’t exist from roughly the late middle ages until the 1800’s. Identifiable cultural and linguistic groups (or nations) such as Bulgarians existed before the Ottoman conquest and continued to exist during the entirety of Ottoman rule, and there’s absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise.

The Bulgarian national revival (emergence of cultural nationalism) happened during the late 1700’s, but that’s certainly not to suggest that they weren’t an identifiable group before that.

The Bulgarian state in it’s current form was founded in 1878, but that’s certainly not to suggest that Bulgarians were always a stateless people before that. 

Those kings and their feudal lords that ruled over these lands in past, they really didn’t care about nation as most of you do today, but rather over their land and wealth.”

You mean like every single leader of every single polity before the French Revolution ever? The phenomena of patriotism towards a political entity or pride in one’s (secular) culture wasn’t a thing in any place in the world before the late 1700’s. What’s your point? That patriotism is wrong? 

Whether or not a monarch is patriotic towards the people he governs or the land he possesses isn’t relevant to the national character of the state. The culture and language that dominate the state are what define it’s national character. The culture and language of the Slavic Bulgarians dominated the First and Second Bulgarian Empires. Therefore, their national character was Bulgarian, and they were Bulgarian states. 

Beside that most nations in Balkans have 500 years of reign discontinuity at the territories they hold today.”

Discontinuity in what? Statehood? So? They speak the same language and keep the same self-identification since the fall of their statehood, there’s nothing that attests otherwise.  

Those 7th – 13th century Slavs that lived on this area had different mental and behavioral pattern then people today”

Uh… Okay? So people acted differently in the 600’s than they did in the 2010’s… And? How’s that relevant?  


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