@”Kapitán Denis” Well that’s what going to see side is all about….
Slovaks here mastered rakija making too, we call it pálenka still. As you probably know every house down here makes rakija. Ask around, maybe someone makes the real Balkan stuff up there around Bratislava and Trnava, most of our people (both Slovaks and Serbs) settled in that area. I didn’t hear someone does, but it won’t hurt to ask.

You just reminded me of my friend and tatra tea. I told my friends to buy it when they were working in Slovakia. I knew what it was and I said to them to buy either 52% or 62% so it would be close to rakija %. They bought 72% and brought it back. One of us liked the taste so much that he decided to drink only that for the rest of the evening… “It burned my throat and stomach”-he, the morning after.


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