^^^^not all :) But many are descendants of medieval Serbs, not only in Shtokavian area. Which can not be said vice-versa. But I don´t want to ruin this thread with history, I am repeating this too much.
 These people consider themselves as Croats today, even the most nationalistic, even extreeme right/chauvinist Croats in some cases.
But now on topic. Croats have big regional differences, those in the north are more likely to be quiet, reserved,uptight,official, which can give impression of emotionally cold people. They can also be quite polite.  Coastals and Dalmatians in general are more open and loud, happier people, passionate about food and wine , but can be individually on a raw side. Croats from BiH I would say that those is Bosnia are more likely to be quiet, polite and calm, while these in Hercegovina raw, loud, more hotheaded, outgoing and more Balkanic like in mentality.
When we compare then to Serbs as a whole, Croats are def. more Austro-Hungarian mentality wise and less Balkanic and Slavic.
So not that open loud party family and friend oriented people, but more calculated, reserved and distanced people on average. But usually also more polite.
Croatian girls are on average more femine then Serbian, same as their accents.
But unlucky for them that also applies to men.  On a group level they much more companion people, not like Serbs: 3 Serbs 4 opinions, they seem not like that.  Also they are more patriotic, but also more nationalistic then Serbs, also way more religious.
We see them as fanatics. They see us we the same eyes because media poisioned them to think like that, truth is far from that.
Then if we ignore these differences, not that different then us. There are idionts and noremal people there same as anywhre else. After all everything is individual.


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