@tobi34 I’m not making an argument with the Wikipedia link, since I don’t need to. I mentioned GLK’s Wikipedia link simply because it explained the situation well enough and there was no need for me to repeat the same things. Then again, it’s easier to fight strawmen, isn’t it?
As for your historical forums career – how quaint! Let me give you a hint about Wikipedia then – yes, it’s definitely not a source on its own (though I do dimly remember a scandal where it was cited as a source by one of the authors of an encyclopaedia… wasn’t it MANU’s, actually?), as it’s full with all kinds of nonsense particularly in its historical articles (the scientific ones are usually of a good enough quality), but it is still useful as a reference nonetheless, particularly when it has references for its statements (you know, those numbers that lead to the references at the end of the article). Likewise, like with any other encyclopaedia or historical study, it’s as good as its references.


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