MANU? What?
Yeah, the thing is that those references (at least good 90% of them) show just one side of the story. If you actually knew something about the Miladinov brothers you would’ve known that before them being Bulgarians, they were Greeks who even had their own names hellenized to Dimitros and Konstantinos Miladinu, but why would you when it’s so easier posting Wikipedia links, or in your case “mentioning someone else’s links”. Maybe you should read some of their letters (both in Greek and Bulgarian), and you’ll see. Also, let’s not forget about the Russian influence that had a great role in their national-determination, and no, not only to them, but to many others.
Now listen, I don’t deny that the population of Macedonia (the Slavic-speaking one) was nationally-Bulgarian, but not in the today’s sense of the word. There is waaay too much in it, but by the looks of it, I guess it’s too much for you.
Yes, there were some exceptions that expressed strong Macedonian national separation, but overall it didn’t have any bigger influence over the population, especially the illiterate one.
And no, I don’t say that Tito created the Macedonians with his magic wand (that’s how 98% of your fellow countrymen think we were “created”). That’s a story for another time. We are still stuck here-


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