Where did I write that? 
Georgi Pulevski was a guy who was (if not the first) one of the first who expressed Macedonian nationalism and separatism. His famous words are:
What do we call a nation? – People who are of the same origin and who speak the same words and who live and make friends of each other, who have the same customs and songs and entertainment are what we call a nation, and the place where that people lives is called the people’s country. Thus the Macedonians also are a nation and the place which is theirs is called Macedonia”
He had pan-Slavic views, simply because he treated the ancient Macedonians as Slavs. He had similar views just like Mavro Orbini, Paisiy Hilendarski etc. Oh yes I almost forgot, another example is the Illyrian movement or in your language known as “Ilirski pokret”, you should check it. But, that was not the point, the point was his Macedonian consciousness.

Macedonia was never Serbian by the way. If you think that just because the Serbian empire in the past included the territory of today’s rep. of Macedonia makes Macedonia “Serbian” then you are wrong. By that logic, we are all Turks. As for those famous “ethnic maps from 19th century”, those maps were mostly political rather than ethnic. I have many examples for that, feel free to ask and I’ll show you what I mean, if you didn’t understand what I meant.
Bosnian new nation? Hahaha.


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