“Show us historical documents as a proof that Macedonians are Macedonians”
And so what if I show you, what will happen next? I don’t even know why my fellow Macedonian even try to prove to someone that we existed and still exist, when that doesn’t change anything, it’s just in vain, losing precious time for nothing. 
The Slavic migration in the Balkans was mostly spreaded linguistically and culturally rather than ethnically. We (all the Balkanic Slavic-speaking nations) are mostly descendants of the native (or 
autochthonous) population that already lived here since ever. DNA proves that.
And no, we are not Greeks, of course there must be some Hellenic gene in us but not that big that will actually make some difference. 
>So if we go back to history who ruled Macedonia before Turks came? Bulgarians and Serbs only.  

And? The people stayed where they are. We weren’t replaced with someone else. You think when Bulgarians and Serbs came here they killed everyone and they settled? Or maybe we were replaced with Serbs and Bulgarians, so where did the people that lived here went to live? Maybe all Serbians and Bulgarians are actually Macedonians, hmm? 
And don’t mix modern term for nation when referring to the middle ages or the 19-th and early 20-th century, it’s not the same.

Close to Serbs that are mentality wise? Wtf. The only close to Serbs that are mentality wise are the serbomans and the wannabe Serbs who watch cancerous Serbian tv-shows and listen to “gangsta” serbian rap.


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