@GaiusCoriolanus LOSER!  :D (JUST JOKING)   There are many fine institutions of higher learning that are not included on the list.  The 1000 universities on the list are the best in the world mainly because they do a massive amount of research and have many international students.  Also, specialized training schools are not included because they don’t generally do research. Research brings in massive amounts of money. $$$ More money, more funny. :D The lack of foreign students is probably why Eastern European schools are lower on the ranking.

At my university, we have a TON of international students.  When I was there, we even had a Saudi prince.  I saw him often having coffee in the International Center. :D

Anyway, the following schools may be World Class but they don’t meet the criteria for Best in the World ranking: Juilliard, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), Parsons The New School for Design, Culinary Schools, Automotive and Technical Trade Schools…  WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT AUTO REPAIR TECHNICIANS, HAIR STYLISTS, CHEFS, and ACTORS????  I know I’m not cutting my own hair or changing the oil in my car!

My Ukrainian grandfather thought there were only three professions suitable for men: Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer. My father is an automotive engineer. Women: Teacher or school administrator. My aunt was a teacher.  :D  


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