Lol, I know that he came out, he was forced to by the Karakacanov’s pigs. You think I don’t follow policy? 
That’s why I asked you in the first place, to show me the replaced words, if there were any that wouldn’t be any problem for you, but guess what…
And no my friend, I’ve joined tens of historical forums in the last 3-4 years and when I see someone who tries to make an argument with some Wikipedia links written by some ordinary people I don’t even try to discuss over it, if wikipedia is your best source for historical information then don’t lose my time.
“Oh look at me you fake Macedonians I have Wkipedia proof hahahaha here’s something for you to educate yourselves hahahah trust me I am Bulgarian history is on our side *links some random Wikipedia shit*” – almost every single Bulgarian I met out there….
Swearing? Why should I? Your lack of historical knowledge proves how smart you are, since you think you can rely on Wikipedia…


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