>using “>” all the time
>implying that you never heard of greentext
And I am not Bulgarian so I can’t write in it, but I can understand it perfectly.


I know, many Albanians have face features that are very recognisable, for example if there were placed 10 men in a same room from different nationalities (including Albanian), I can tell right away who the Albanian is without knowing it, trust me I live in a city full with them. And not all Albanians are the same btw, Albanians in Albania are very different than the ones in Macedonia and Kosovo. They are more civilized and nice, I guess it’s because 98% of the Albanians that live here (in Macedonia and Kosovo) are muslims. And I am not talking about race, people in the Balkans and Southern Europe are not as white as our friends in Scandinavia for example, many factors played a role in this.


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