Wow the more I read the more it got off topic. Domiko…your great grandfather was a Rusyn/Rusnak like mine was.  Eventhough my ggrandfather came from present-day village Velka Trna in southeastern Slovakia the evidence of being Rusyn is the fact that  they were GREEK CATHOLIC.  All Greek Catholics in history were Rusyn ethnicity.

I believe Rusnaks are the type of Rusyns that speak a Rusyn/Slovak mixed-language living in eastern Slovakia. Or perhaps Rusnak is just a synonym for Rusyn. Either way, “rus” is in both words…

Also, whoever said your ggrandfather was a Pole is ignorant. Poles were never Greek Catholic. 

You should join the Facebook group “Carpatho-Rusyns Everywhere!  group”.  I learned a lot about my heritage through the help of members there.


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