I would recommend “The use of man- Upotreba čoveka” by Aleksandar Tišma, for you Karpivna. It left me quite shaken after reading it. It was actually school literature in Serbia (not sure if it is still – nothing gentle about this book).  It’s been awhile since I last read the book, but I’ll try to entice you to read it  :) .

Story follows young men and women around WW2 Yugoslavia. There is a son of Serbian nationalist, German-Jew daughter and a young idealist. They are neighbors and know each other since before the war. When they meet again after war they talk about their lives. Book is about how people, society, war, regimes and cetera use men and women. Sometimes you feel as if the characters are objects rather than subjects – but that is completely understandable coping mechanism when you let (or really don’t have a choice) others use you so you could survive. 

And “The Unwomanly Face of War” sounds really intriguing. I will check city library. There is also a poem they made us read in school (14 year olds-but I am grateful) “Jama” by Ivan Goran Kovačić. A graphic account of… I don’t know what – human cruelty. It is a disturbing poem of human suffering and “human” inflicting pain to other just because… fucking WW2.

Stories like this two and history classes always made me wonder how is it possible that we are still here. :|  


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