People don’t know much about Georgians I think, except those who know where Katie Melua comes from, those who watched Czterej Pancerni i Pies where one character was Georgian, and those who know Stalin’s ethnic background. In addition, people who have no love for Russia will probably automatically have much better opinion on Georgia without even knowing much about Georgia. 

Turks on the other hand may be perceived by some people negatively, due to Islam being most practised religion in Turkey. Poles who base their opinion on it, most likely are quite dumb and they may change their views as soon as they’ll meet a Turk or visit Turkey. Of course there are people who hate everybody, even other Poles who support different football club, but it’s unnecessary to focus on them.
Most people however are neutral; recently a lot of Turkish TV series appeared in Poland. And some may have also positive views on the Turks. Few weeks ago I talked with another Pole about these Turkish TV series, but I only remember that he said “damn, these Turkish women are hot” and I, without any hesitation, agreed.

Personally, I like both nations. In the case of Turks I definitely prefer secular folks with positive opinions on Ataturk, I may have a bit difficult time dealing with Erdogan’s buddies though. I also like Turkish language, hopefully will learn one day. 


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