@”Kapitán Denis” Don’t miss the Serbians dancing :) Looks interesting. I can’t find which group from Serbia is participating, I’ve got a feeling that Serbs replaced those denied Indians :D since there are on the program schemes I found, but Serbians aren’t.
My folklore group was in Poprad okres for a festival this year, I couldn’t come because of my exams. There were groups from Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Serbia and Hungary there, I’ll probably go there next year.
Every year in my home town we have “Cultural Summer” it’s the longest festival in Serbia (naturally because of that it lacks program quality). There are various types of shows, pop music, rock, workshops, Metalday, rap, kid shows, traditional music, folklore groups etc. There’s always one Rusyn group from Slovakia, and usually guests from Macedonia or Bulgaria, other than that we (as a Slovak group) had guests from Croatia last year. All folklore groups from the town present their work too, Serbs, Slovaks (usually with other Slovak guests), Rusyns, Croats. 


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