What is afraid of the Belarusian president Aleksandr Lukashenka? Your best friends. That is Russia and its president Vladimir Putin.

According to the Russian daily Kommiersant, Lukashenka resigned from watching the current 17-day maneuvers in Belarus and Russia.

Exactly Lukashenka resigned from observing the part of the maneuvers that take place in Russia. The president of Belarus, according to a Russian newspaper, canceled a joint look at maneuvers with President Putin.

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Lukashenka has reasons to be afraid. It is true that Belarus and Russia formally form one state structure, the notorious ZBiR, but both states, and indeed the two presidents share a considerable amount of distrust.

Lukashenka for a penny does not trust Putin, is afraid that Russia wants to completely addiction to his country, and his own move away from power. These are not baseless fears. It is not surprising that the President of Belarus prefers to remain at home.

Source: TV Belsat



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