@”Kapitán Denis” something like this, although as I said it would take time to reintroduce some of it. For example making SCBM speakers use kakvoća instead of kvalitet(a) couldn’t happen over night, there isn’t Slavic synonym for industrialization in Serbian (wouldn’t surprise me if Croats had something), history is istorija in Serbian, although there are people who use povest (Croatians mainly use povjest, historija is rare over there, Bosniaks mainly use historija, but povjest is acceptable). Linguistics are lingvistika, there is no synonym for it either (other than nauka o jeziku), although Sima Milutinović Sarajlija (Serbian writer, poet, rebel…) suggested it should be called jezikonauka back in 19th century. 

We already have mandatory English throughout schooling years and a foreign language for last four years of elementary and all of gymnasium. That foreign language is usually either German or Russian. I had German, although I initially wanted Russian (the professor of German was less of a lunatic). Either way I don’t speak German now and those people who had Russian don’t speak Russian… Anyway nothing you fear would happen, I’m not suggesting Slovaks learning Czech and Polish e.g. but Russian or Serbian; languages distant to them.


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