You have a lot of terms that exist in all Slavic languages but are considered archaic by some, we could restore those which fell out of use, especially those replaced with foreign expressions.

I highly agree with this. I can’t believe how many English words have already entered Slovak dictionaries. And they’re considered more formal than their Slovak counterparts. Spokesmen, lawyers, police officers and politicians always use those words when speaking in media.

Some examples:

  • akosť – kvalita
  • správny – korektný
  • spojenectvo – aliancia
  • spriemyselňovanie – industrializácia
  • uskutočniť/vykonať – zrealizovať
  • dejiny – história
  • výchovný/vzdelávací – edukačný
  • jazykoveda – lingvistika

Even those words that are already foreign are getting replaced by new ones, such as: rezervovať – zabookovať (zabúkovať when it finally gets standardized). :D
It would be great to see those other forms or archaic words from other Slavic languages instead.

Making another Slavic mandatory in schools would help more I think.

I kind of disagree with this. While I would like to see Slavic languages to get a little closer together, I would also like to keep them as they are – unique. I belevie that if 2 Slavic languages would be a mandatory in schools, a few generations later they would blend together. Medžuslovjanski could be optional, though.


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