@Karpivna, there were Ukrainians in the Polish Army. At least at first, during the September campaign. According to some data, 150 000 of soldiers then were Ukrainians. But with time many of them switched sides, although the intentions may differ. As Pavlo Shandruk said, he joined the Germans to not become a Soviet POW. He even received Virtuti Militari order from general Władysław Anders.


I’d say there is a huge difference between intended murdering of Polish (and other) civilians, and fighting with armed opponents. 

I haven’t heard, however, about Ukrainians in the Home Army. There possibly were some, but I don’t know about any. 

Nowadays, Ukrainians have different approaches toward the issue. I think most of them just believe in a different version of history. But I wonder what Western Ukrainians think about this TV series, as they seem to be the most pro-UPA. :) I know one guy from Kyiv, who is strongly against UPA, but he’s half-Polish so maybe that’s the reason why his knowledge is a bit different.

I remember there was one blondie giving some lessons of Ukrainian language on YouTube, maybe she’ll feel an urge to translate it one day :D 


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