According to my new Christmas decor catalog for 2017, these are European legends and/or traditional customs.

Americans will assume that EVERY European or Polish person knows these legend and practices any described custom.  :D I also like how a Polish ornament is produced in Hungary.

POLAND: The star plays an important role in traditional Polish Christmas celebrations. On Christmas Eve the first star of the night is named Gwiazda, meaning little star, in tribute to the Star of Bethlehem. At the moment it appears, greetings and good wishes are exchanged and families partake of Wigilia, the most carefully planned meal of the year. Produced exclusively by our supplier in Hungary, our 3″ tall Polish Star glass ornament features an 8 pointed star painted in a vibrant red hue and accented with sparkling glitter. The tradition of the Polish star is printed on the reverse side of this distinctive ornament.

Legend of the Apple:  The apple played an important role in traditional European Christmas Eve celebrations. Following dinner, the head of the family would slice an apple crosswise. If the slice revealed the image of a star and the seeds were plump, it was believed that a peaceful year of good fortune and health awaited the family. Each member of the family then ate a piece of the apple. Ornament handcrafted in Czech Republic. 

Legend of the Ladybug:  According to European folklore, ladybugs symbolized good luck. Many years ago aphids invaded farmers’ grapevines. When the farmers prayed for help to the Virgin Mary, legend tells us that swarms of little red beetles appeared. They proceeded to eat the aphids and save the crops. The farmers named the beetles ladybugs in honor of Mary, Our Lady. Ornament produced in Hungary. Another Christmas without this treasure is sure to bug you! Exclusively crafted from glass in Hungary, our 3″ tall white enameled ornament features a solitary ladybug glistening with ebony glitter accents gracing the front while the legend can be read on the back. Ladybug and legend enthusiasts are sure to be inspired by this unique keepsake for years to come!


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