@NikeBG there are three words in Bulgarian that translate as “dog”
kuche – which is neutral
pes – which is somewhat negative
pse – which is where the word “psuva(t)” comes from and is usually reserved for people. :D

… And I think I got this info on this very forum.

On an unrelated note, the phenomenon where the original word for something aquires negative connotations is well known.
For example, the japanese word for a toilet is considered rude, the borrowed chinese one neutral and the english “toilet” is considered polite.
Likewise in Bulgarian the “toilet” equivalent is the polite version (it’s French, oh la la), “closet” not so much and finally there’s “nuzhnik” for your immediate and pressing needs.
When in polite conversation my grandfather used the euphemism “odi(t) po vun”, which avoids the problem entirely. Good lateral thinking.


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