Lyudmila even has a movie. Battle For Sevastopol


The beautiful blond girl in the opening post was killed in the war. Roza Shanina – Soviet sniper with 54 confirmed kills, including 12 enemy snipers. She also personally captured 3 enemy soldiers. Unlike many conscripts in the Soviet army who were threatened with the deaths of their family in order to make them fight the much better equipped Nazis, Shanina volunteered for the front lines.

Graduating from the sniper academy with honors, Shanina was renowned for her ability to quick-shot two targets, or ‘double-hit’, with a lever action rifle. The Soviet Union deployed numerous female snipers, because of superior flexible limbs, and a belief that they were both patient and cunning. Women were also thought to be more resilient under combat stress than men, and more resistant to exposure to cold climates.

Shanina refused orders to be transferred to safety (she was offered this on account of her hero status) and instead died along with the other less-renowned women of her command while protecting a heavily wounded artillery commander after 72 of 78 of her battalion were already killed in combat action during the East Prussian Offensive. She herself was at that time a squad commander.

Shanina was hailed as “The Unseen Terror of East Prussia” and became the first Soviet female sniper to be awarded the Order of Glory, the highest of her multiple awards. According to a nurse, her last words were in regret to having ‘done so little’. 1924 – 1945 CE


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