@GaiusCoriolanus Why is that whenever a random word pops up, it’s a Polish swear word in 9/10 cases? :D

@texczech82 Poles are the most Prussianized. :D

Topic: cats

somewhere in Slovakia kot becomes mačka and stays that way all the way down south.

I’m not sure if mačka is of Hungarian or Slavic origin, but it comes from an interjection for calling a cat: “mač-mač-mač…” :D
There is also:
“ci-ci-ci” -> cicka,
“mici-mici” -> micka
and sometimes we call cats cicka-micka or just cica-mica. :D

We don’t use the word kot, but kocúr is a male cat. The same goes for dogs – female dog is suka. :D

Czechs wanted to be universal, so they invented kočka. :D

Topic: whales

The word kit is of Greek origin:

We call a whale veľryba, which means “big fish”. :D


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