The poem below was written by Adam Mickiewicz in Dresden in 1832. It is a description of defence of Warsaw during the November Uprising (against the Russians) in September 1831 by the crew of Redoubt 54 led by Julian Ordon. The text is based on the relation of an insurectionist, who was a friend to Mickiewicz. 

The whole poem is longer, it’s a fragment, or rather various parts of the poem. People present in the video are mainly Youtubers and actors.


Ordon’s Redoubt

We were not told to shoot.
– I walked up to the cannon,

and looked at the field;
two hundred guns thundered.

Russian artillery ranks goes..
straight, long, far like a sea shores.

I saw their leader

he ran, waved his sword,
and like a bird one wing of his army swinged;

Out from under the wing the squeezed infantry pours

in a long black column as lava of mud, Showered with sparkles of bayonets.
As vultures, black banners leads their regiments to death.

It has already reached; like boa among columns it twists, 
It burns with its chest, it tears with its teeth, with its breath it kills.

The most horrid you can’t see, but recognize it by its sound, 
By falling down of the dead, by the wounded groan loud; 
When the column from the end to the end it drills, 
It looks as if through the army’s middle walked the angel death.

When Turks beyond the Balkans are threatened by your bronze, 
When the Paris legation lick the feet of yours, – 

Warsaw alone your power hurls abuse at, 
Raises its hand on you and takes off the crown, 
The crown of Kazimierz, Chrobry of your head, 
Because you  have stolen it and with blood stained, son of Wasil.

The air got full of dirt from the ground’s cracks,

And there was no sight but the grenades flashes,
and slowly smoke vanished,
rain of dirt felt down.

All like a dream disapeared.
– Only black deformed clump of earth lies
– A peacemaking grave.

When people’s faith and freedom vanishes,
When the land gets poured with despotism and mad pride
as Ordon’s redoubt got poured by Muscovites –
To punish tribe of victors poisoned with crimes,
God will blast the land,
as he blasted his redoubt.


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