I wandered around the world, looking for smoky (strange (?) Flowers, 
With every next step, counted the year. 
With your feet, you found abandoned temples, the heart cast in stone, lunged (?) On the contrary … 


Wherever I am, wherever I am, everything reminds me of you, as if from behind you go or look at me through the world, wherever I am, wherever I am, wherever I am, everything is covered by your power, you lead with you , drawing a trace. 
Sometimes, I take off. I want to hide from the pack, everything stops for a moment, when your eyes throw petals. I understand everything, but an unattainable dream, will live after I get (?) Your hand. 


You are always with me, right or left. Conversations of strangers, I hear your thoughts .. However, insanely have to pamper yourself with feelings, we go one circle, like rushing streams. 



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