@Sviatogor And life is too  short to read rambling of mentally ill people on the Internet. 

But– you read Slavorum.  :D 

Also, don’t get a nervous breakdown around Sviatogor. He will just drop you off at the Kashchenko and drive away.  Anyway, Kashcenko can’t help anyone now. He died in 1920. 

@aaaaa What would you recommend for my reading list?

@”Kapitán Denis” I feel so bad for this girl. I wish I could bring her to live in USA, so she could have some happiness in life. Her mother is smoking up all the profits, while her daughters watch anime, go hungry and have no meaningful purposes to their lives. Yes, in America, someone would help her. At least, make a “Go Fund Me,” to raise money so she can have a stable, healthy life. In my area, we have Mobile Mental Health Trucks that come around neighborhoods and offer help to people with mental health issues. 

Outreach workers meet with people who approach the trucks and chat with them to see what services they might need, offering resources and other information. If they want to, the person can come onto the unit and talk through any issues with a case manager. The team makes sure to follow up with the person until they’re where they want to be mentally. The unit also hosts groups for kids, which has a specific curriculum designed to meet for 10 sessions.

Next time I make a topic, I will try to be more accurate with matching the topic title to the actual subject.  :D  Right now I’m studying how Slavs have buried their dead throughout history, and the various customs and rituals. 


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