“However, the name sounds very East Slavic to me. A Polish sounding name would be something like Tworczyk.”

This is exactly how his family pronounces it! (Twor-chuck) Maybe the letters got mixed up somewhere along the way, or someone added a “ck” to make more sense to English-speaking people? 

“Ukraine has many people with surname Творчук (Tvorchuk). 1280 queries.”

Thanks! This is really helpful. Not knowing much about Polish/Ukrainian, I really didn’t know where to start with how this name would have been spelled. 

“Sometimes the religion the family practiced will give a clue to ethnic origin. Do you know the religion of his grandparents?”

I don’t know, but I can’t believe I didn’t think of this already, as my own family’s name reflects religion. 

these are all great starting pints! Thank you! 


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