@Karpivna Yes, they’re much tastier, at least the ones that grow here where I live. 

Boletus is Vrganj in Serbo-Croatian, have fun pronouncing, you anglophones… I don’t buy mushrooms very often, but Boletus is (as Sviatogor said) collected in the forest, it’s relatively hard to get hands on it. I went picking mushrooms once in Bosnia, most of them were Boletus and some Caesar’s mushrooms (Runjica in that area, has like 5 names in SC) which are apparently highly regarded, it takes some skill to collect them, which people I went along with had.
Anyway Baby Bella mushrooms are most common mushrooms here, when someone says they’re making something with mushrooms those are Baby Bellas until said otherwise. They’re called šampinjoni here, I believe Russians call them similarly. I think one of the English names is Common Mushroom.


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