Don’t worry. I will not be meeting up with any individuals or strangers from”internet world”  EVER.  :D How I even ended up chatting with this person was unusual. This was an internet forum I had not visited in years. I did find it strange that a Russian was on this particular forum, because it is 99.9% American. 

It is rare for me not to be able to deduce gender of a person posting on the internet. I truly thought she was a male and was surprised she was female. I have to admit her photo did look like a chubby dude with long hair and bangs.  Maybe her psychiatric medications have caused her to gain weight.  Her friend definitely was female but very Eurasian looking.

I am sure there is another side to her story. Papa seems to be missing, so I assume her mother is a single-mother. Mama is probably over-worked and under-paid with no support system. Smoking is one way she copes. Everyone in this family needs mental health counseling and guidance. Anyway, this Russian girl’s story touched me emotionally. 


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