I read more news reports about this family. This happened a year ago. I wonder how they are doing today? The fire was started in the unit below them. A person was cooking pancakes and a fire broke out. One the children was an 11 month infant with a heart ailment. Do people have renter’s insurance in Russia? I hope so. 

I like to watch videos of Eastern Euro villages and oblasts. I like to see how “regular” everyday people live. I like to watch videos of state and local government, school and community service projects. My favorite videos are from Volyn as it is my ancestral home base.

My grandfather would like this YT channel. Orthodoxy of Volyn.  :D


This girl could fit easily in the Ukrainian side of my family. She is from near my family’s district. I also think what Volyn Regional Employment Office is doing with video resumes is very innovative. I hope she finds a job as an English teacher. She seems like a lovely and intelligent person. 

This girl form Horokhiv (my region) is looking for a job as an architect or designer. 


A guy driving from Lutsk Volyn to Radehiv, Lviv, which happens to be my Ukrainian grandmother’s birth village.

Share local videos or innovative projects from your regions. 


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