Some schizophrenics can be unpredictable and dangerous, yes, but only if they don’t take their medications. I’ve known some people with this condition, one was even the boss of the company my dad worked in, and normally I would’ve never guessed they have it or any other mental disorder of this sort. And even if they don’t get treatment, they’re dangerous first and foremost to themselves.

Btw, Karpivna’s acquaintance certainly has a pretty good level of English (aside for the, annoying for me, habit of not leaving empty spaces after punctuation marks). And it’s interesting that her mother is the smoker in this situation, considering schizophrenics are usually heavy smokers themselves.

@Sviatogor Anyone you’ve never personally met (or even some that you have) who asks you for money should be taken with a grain of salt. Though you can always do it like Sir Scamalot:


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