I also like Lisičarka –
(Cantharellus cibarius). I eat them from “plotna”-cooking plate with a little salt.

I haven’t tasted snails for around 15 years :D We used to go snail hunting in spring. We brought home a few buckets full of snails. Tastes a bit like chicken gizzard. I remember a whole process of preparing snails but it is disgusting  :s so I will stay silent.

I offer you – Popara!
Take a bigger bowl and put together water and pinch of salt to boil. When it start to boil add old bread broken into pieces. Cook till it softens up. Serve on a plate with a teaspoon of “kajmak”, add cheese (we use white cheese- soft or hard) and mix through.
Tip – Use really stale bread and a lot of bread crust!


And this morning I ate French toast – we put honey or jam on top of it. I have notice that in Serbia people use either cheeses/kajmak or honey/jam with “prženice”. So if our grandmother are from same area it is likely that they will use one variety or another – but usually not both ones. 


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