@Sviatogor Poem proglas written by st.cyril refers to “slovene” (verse 9)and “slovensky narod”( vers 23). https://wikisource.org/wiki/Proglas%D1%8A

Slovaks never chose the name slovaks it is a natural development from these slovene and slovensky narod and is with out any doubt the start of the ethnogenesis of Slovaks. Obviously, just like many other slavic peoples, including belarusians, did the solidifying or national consciousness go through many changes and developments, but it is clear that the ancestors of the slovaks were clearly already referred to from the earliest times. People always try to take away the little history we slovaks have, because we were such an opressed people, but we have remained more faithful to our roots than many slavic nations which took any totally foreign names like bulgarians or russians. 

The core of Great moravia was eastern czech rep. and western slovakia. They saw themselves as the same people but already western slovaks were originally part of the principality of nitra and called themselves slovene. Though, these terms moravian and slovene werent as distinct from one another as they are today. its funny because many hungarian nationlists and other people for whatever reason, try to diminsh slovakias role in great moravia and claim it as the sole legacy of the czechs when in history moravians and western slovaks were always the closest and czechs had nothing to do with them initally. Slovaks have much greater claim to that legacy than bohemians, its just a fact. We dont need to point out that st.cyril and st.methodius were based primarley in Nitra and not in modern day Czech republic. 


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