Ok guys, I gotta stick up for my fellow Americans here. It seems that a lot of people from other countries think that we treat McDonald’s like delicious cuisine. Little kids love it – but that has more to do with free toys with meals and a playground on-site than the taste of the food, but that’s really it. Americans, like anyone else, love good food. The thing is, a lot of us are poor or in a hurry. That’s who McDonald’s is for: the poor, and occasionally, the busy. Their food is terrible, and MOST of us know it. That said, there are a LOT of people here. Some of us are complete fucking morons who don’t know how to cook anything, or take care of ourselves in any way. Those dipshits likely enjoy McDonalds, but fuck them. Hahaha….I mean, come on, none of your countries have any stupid assholes? Is every Slavic country populated entirely by only brilliant minds, tough fighters, gorgeous girls and judgmental grandmothers? 


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