@texczech82 I don’t know how old is the history of Kozácko region, but I just found that hundreds of Cossacks moved to Czecho-Slovakia after the WW1, when they were prosecuted by commies. :D 


You guys were part of Samo’s Empire . Is it fair to say that Empire was an early Slovak one? You guys founded the principality of Nitra  and then came Great Moravia. Was Great Moravia a proto-Slovak land?

Czechs and Sorbs were more important nations of Samo’s Empire than Slovaks. They fought with Franks on the west border. Samo’s Empire covered only western Slovakia and we don’t even know if Slovaks were part of it. That territory belonged only to Moravians. I have to say that “Moravians” wasn’t a name of one Slavic tribe. That term covers multiple Slavic tribes that lived nearby Moravia river and perhaps Slovaks were part of these tribes.

We don’t know what was happening during the collapse of Samo’s Empire and the creation of Nitra Principality, but we know that during this period, Slavic tribes grouped together and created proto-nations of Moravians and Slovaks as two distinct peoples.

Do Moravians today consider themselves Czechs, Slovaks, or their own unique thing?

Today Moravians consider themselves as a unique nation that has “nothing to do” with Czechs and Slovaks, but they don’t have a desire to have an independent state.

Slovaks trace their own history to Nitra, although we as a state don’t forget about the people that lived here before us. For example, back when we used Slovak Crowns as a currency, the 5 SK coin depicted another coin called Biatec (named after a ruler?), which was made somewhere near today’s Bratislava by a Celtic tribe Boii (Bohemia is named after them; Slavs didn’t live here back then):

What if the presence of Hungary caused the early ancestors of the Slovaks to coalesce into a Slovak nation north of Hungary , to resist Hungarianization?

I don’t believe that. There has to be another explanation why we use such a generic name for our nation. :D 


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