@Xekoslav Yes, Srem (Syrmia) is in Vojvodina, my town is in Srem. Bećarac isn’t unique to Slavonia. Trust me, I am in these parts.  All the regions I’ve mentioned have them, melody can alter more or less, but that form of song is present. 

…is far from what I’d associate as Serbian

Well, it’s pretty specific title, although Serb dances from western Slavonia would maybe be more correct. Not all Serb folk dresses look like Šumadijans, with šajkača, opanci and jelek. In fact majority don’t, same as with any other people every region has it’s own folk costume, from Lika, Kordun, Banija to Macedonia; from southern Hungary to Montenegro.

disclaimer: I’m not claiming those territories to be Serbian or anything political, but historically populated with Serbs with distinct regional folklore.


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