Ukraine is  asking USAS for expensive anti-tank guided missile Javelin. These systems are expensive. Each _launch_ of missile (not including the system) cost $126,000USD.  Why would Ukraine use expensive missiles against old tanks  used by separatists in Donbass?  Probably to have a positive psychological effect that USA are helping Ukrainian regularly army.

There’s a rumour going around that last year Belarus sold old anti-tank complexes developed in USSR (9M113 “Competition”) to Syrian rebels. They were sold to Bulgaria. Bulgaria doesn’t need them. Probably ordered by Americans  to supply Syrian rebels. These old complexes are sufficient to penetrated armour on old tanks that are used in places such as Syria or Donbass.  Russians help Asad’s side, while Belarus supplies weapons to Syrian rebels.  LOL. Anyway, if Ukraine shopped around they could find older not so expensive anti-tank systems

In 2016, the cost of the transferred weapons of Bulgaria amounted to
84.2 million euros. In it was a portable rocket launcher, the shells in
caliber of 122 mm grenades for RPG’s, missiles, armored vehicles and
aviation charges.There were other ways of delivering weapons in
Bulgaria. In 2015 in Bulgaria were imported Belarusian arms by 37.8
million euros. Previously, the weapons trade between Bulgaria and
Belarus were not observed.

So, according to Romanian foreign
Ministry, in 2014, across the country was driven firearms of caliber
less than 20 mm by 68 thousand euros. Bulgaria’s economy Ministry said
the supply of missiles, shells and electronic equipment for 411 thousand
euros in 2013.In favor of the transit nature of supply says the
possibility of Bulgaria itself to produce weapons needed for army local
volume. So, “Vazovski machine-building plant” from Sopot offers today as
missiles ATGM “Competition”



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