I guess the mixture of power and a penis causes an immoral sexual instinct to take-over good sense in some men. In the early years of my internet usage, I happily Skyped with seemingly nice dudes from various internet forums. All, except TWO guys, eventually asked me if I wanted to see their “special thing”.  ;) Some didn’t even bother to ask, they just whipped it out. WHOA COWBOY!  :D I decided talking to strange dudes on Skype was not for me. 

Really, though, no one should do the following things to strangers or work colleagues, male or female!  :D Like my Ukrainian grandfather used to say, “Why you do that?! You born in a barn?!” 

 Do not do these things, okay?  :D 
1. Pinch other people’s bodies, butts, etc.
2. Drop your pants so everyone can admire your family jewels. 
3. Play with your family jewels in public or in front of a work colleague.
4. What part of no do you not understand?  :D


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