I think the Ukrainian side of my family has OCD.  :D They are very clean, organized and neat. However, I have noticed that many Slavic people in my region of America are neat, clean, and organized. 

I am also very clean, neat and organized. I did the Marie Kondo “Konmarie Method” so I could be even MORE neat, clean and organized than I already am!  :D

My sister is also like this. My brother is the exact opposite. He takes after my mother’s side of the family. My mother has a clean house, but she does not obsess about it like the Ukrainian side does.

When my brother was a teenager, he was responsible for cleaning his room. My mother refused to go in there. Every few months he would clean his room. He would carry out 9 or 10 large, black garbage bags. I was afraid to look in the bags. I know he had small pets (gerbils, guinea pigs, fish) but I never saw them again after he took them into his room. I think they might have ended up in one of the black garbage bags.  :(

I don’t clean 4 hours a day,  :D but I can relate to this woman.

I will have to find my cleaning schedule. I have certain things that are done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. I learned this from my Ukrainian father. Someday, I hope to achieve his greatness in cleaning and organization. He truly has his “act together.”  If he is working around the house in old clothes but finds he needs to go to the store for a part, he takes a shower, puts on nice clothes, then goes to the store. Some men just go to the hardware store in their grungy work clothes. Not my dad.  :D

One thing I would hear from my dad all time growing up: “You’re not going like that, are you?!” My siblings and I could not leave the house unless we looked nice.  Also, NO LOGO T-SHIRTS allowed if going to a restaurant or store. Not even my Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Disney World! :D

I could write a novel about this. 


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