I do a big cleaning usually Friday or Saturday, depending which day I am not working.

1. Go room to room to collect everything that needs to be laundered. Laundry started.
2. Pick up anything that does belong on floor (books, magazines, etc.) Only furniture should be on floor. Then, Dust everything room by room, except Kitchen and Bathroom (s).
3. Vacuum, including furniture and blinds on windows. 
4. Clean and disinfect Kitchen. Counters, sink, stove, outside of refrigerator. Floor requires getting on hands and knees to scrub with microfiber cleaning rag and cleaner, like Pine-sol. Refrigerator and cabinets are cleaned out every Sunday prior to grocery shopping.
5. Bathrooms. Everything is dusted/wiped and then removed from Bathrooms. Clean toilet first, let it disinfect for 10 minutes. Then clean counters and mirrors. Bathtub and/or shower cleaned. Last, floor is cleaned on hands and knees with microfiber cloth and disinfectant. Put everything back.
6. Change out garbage bags in bins. Take out garbage.
7. Finish laundry. Empty dishwasher. Some things need to be hand-washed. 



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