Your numbering of the list is a bit off, but I’ll answer in the order:
1. Yep, Saturday or sometimes Sunday. I lived my whole life in a small apartment, but Saturday has always been a special day when the entire apartment had to be cleaned.
2. I’m a jedináčik (the only child) and I didn’t have a “special” job. The only job was to clean the apartment. Period.
3. We never had a dishwasher. We had to do it manually.
4. Much of the apartment is covered by carpets, so the mop had little use here. There’s a linoleum under the carpets, which goes hand in hand with those famous eastern European apartments. ;)
5. I’ve never had a problem with folding my clothes.


However, I have noticed that many Slavic people in my region of America are neat, clean, and organized….

…My mother has a clean house, but she does not obsess about it
like the Ukrainian side does.

Remember what Irina said about eastern Europeans? That’s right. We tell the family: “I’m going to the western Europe. I will be a millionaire when I return home!” And when we finally arrive in the chosen western European country, the first thing we notice is the horrific conditions of public restrooms. It’s so disgusting that we immediately apply for a job as toilet cleaners and never become millionaires. :D


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