The part that I dont understand is that this is seen as a black and white issue, like men bear 100% responsibility for episodes like this and women bear none. That is absurd to me.

A prime example is Harvey Weinstein case: everybody says they knew this was going on for 3,4 decades. And yet, everybody goes to his hotel room to “go thru the script” with him. Meet him at a fucking Starbucks! But no, these women knew what they were getting themselves into. Dont get me wrong, Im sure he raped a few, if not quite a few. But I think most tried to enmesh to move up the food chain. And, if they fucked him, and didnt get what they were after, they get pissed and accuse him of rape even when none happened. The thing about that industry is (Hollywood, or more broadly, entertainment industry) that it is ENTIRELY about bottom line. There is nothing wholesome about it. When the Holy $$$ is the only rule, people play games on each other, men and women alike.

Charlie Rose, similar thing. Shit, if I didnt like seeing Charlie Rose naked the first time, I DEFINITELY wouldnt stick around to see him naked ” at least a dozen times” . And I’d definitely bring it up less than 15 years later.


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