Yesterday, the local Polish center kept sending me this message. Finally, I succumbed and went there to place an order. The place is only a few miles from me. There I stood in line with a bunch of mostly elderly Slavic people. Some said they were Polish, some “Russian” (really Ukrainian, but their ancestors came from Russian Empire “Little Russia”), some Ukrainian, some “Czecho,” some “Slovak,” and some “Czecho-Slovak.”   :D This last group of “Czechs and Slovaks” I would venture to say are actually Eastern Slovaks, maybe Rusyn, because they attend the Byzantine Catholic Church.

The older ladies were so happy to share their recipes and cultural traditions with me. So glad I went. :)

Message from Polish Center. Yum, Yum!  :D

Order your Handmade Pierogi for Christmas today! Pick up dates are December 8 & 15. Price is $9.00 dozen. Flavors are: Potato w/ Cheddar Cheese, Sauerkraut, Cottage Cheese & Cabbage. 
Order Early to guarantee full order.

Also kept receiving this message from the local Catholic Church about their Christmas Gun Raffle. I found this creepy that the Catholic Church is giving away guns. 

2017 Gun Raffle to be held in Angel Hall. 1st Prize: Ruger American Rifle – Cal .450 Bush, 2nd Prize: CVA Hunter – Cal .450 Bush, 3rd Prize: Mossberg 500 Slugster – Cal. 12 gauge
Tickets are just $5.00! Get them now for a chance to win one of these awesome guns! 


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