wantsche_todorow You wrote, “but maybe in official terminology they were still using Latin when the Slavs of Bulgarian stock settled and founded Servia. I am no specialist in the history of the Byzantine Empire”. This statement of yours perfectly reflect your poor knowledge of history, and philology. It’s a well-known historical fact that Serbia was an medieval state before Bulgars invaded Balkan Peninsula and formed so-called “First Bulgarian Empire”. Many
ancient historians wrote about Bulgars raids to Balkans, and before they came to
Balkan Peninsula, the Bulgars spoke a Turkic language, i.e. Bulgar language of Oghuric
branch, and practiced Tengrism (Turkic relegion). Bulgar tribes are known as a mix of many different nations and Turkic tribes such
as the Oghuric tribes which spanned from the Pontic steppe to
central Asia. Some Bulgar tribes, however, continued westward
and eventually settled to
Balkans along the Danube River, and were “Slavicized” (adopted Serbian language and Eastern Orthodox faith), thus forming modern Bulgarians. Early Bulgarians were persecutors of Slavs (Serbs) and Christians (well documented historical facts).

The origin of name “Serbs” is much older than “Slavs”, ancient name Serboi-Serbii-Sarbi-Serbi-Serdi (Thracian Tribe). Serbs are Thracians in origins. The Thracian-Celtic tribes Scordisci/Serdi lived along the Danube river in
what is now Serbia, and have been former tribal identity of Serbs. They
were descendants from an ancient Thracian tribe named the “Triballi”. According to many Byzantine and Roman historians, the Serbs
were called Thracians (Rascians) and Triballians in Middle Ages.


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