South Slav I’m sorry for saying this, but you got it all wrong. The
Slavs, were known to the Roman and Greek writers of the first and second
centuries AD under the name Venedi, as inhabiting the region beyond the

You wrote. “ So it is not surprisa if they call you serv (servant) or slave (interpretation of Slav).”

The term “Slavs” have completely different etymology. During the first centuries AD, the Slavs (Serbs) expanded in all
directions, when they were known for the Gothic and Byzantine writers as
Sclaveni, which was later syncopated to Slaveni/Sloveni, plural
Slověne/Словѣне, in Byzantine Greek Sklaboi (Σκλάβοι-Serboi), Sklabēnoi
(Σκλαβηνοί). The term “Slavs” have completely different pronunciation and etymology.

Also, I don’t agree with your claim that “It is irrelevant how Byzantine and Romans called us”, language is the best tool to understand the origin of culture, and most of the history comes from these writings.  :)


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