Why would the joke be too harsh (or harsh at all)? It’s normal that the further away you are from some place, and with no special interest for it, the less you’d be familiar with its intricacies and everyone would seem the same to you. For many Westerners, all of us are Russians (especially if we also use the “Russian” alphabet). For many non-Europeans, all of us are Westerners/Europeans in general. And Sviatogor has mentioned several times himself that many young Russians don’t even know that other Slavs exist. Everyone’s ignorant and that’s precisely the joke. Besides, Shaokang specifically mentioned “for good deal of Serbs”, not himself or anyone else here, because our very presence here already suggests we have some interest in the Slavic world and are familiar with at least its basic distinctions. Many common people, however, do not. Well, except in Belarus maybe – they’re all experts on all things Slavic…


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