Yeah, while I personally do find those videos of Americans trying to place the names of the European countries on a map to be quite funny, I think it’s pretty normal. I mean, I’ve seen the reverse as well – Brits who can’t place any of the American states, except for, indeed, Texas, California and maybe New York (and I’ll brag in also knowing where to put Florida, Alaska and the Hawaii – me so smart). Heck, I’ve even heard stories of police officers in some Western European countries asking “Is Bulgaria/Romania in the EU?”, almost 10 years after we joined.
Btw, you know that a century or so ago Slavs in the US weren’t even considered exactly “white”, right? Likewise with the Italians (and Southern Europeans in general) and even the Irish, I think. I think there was a thread about it here some months ago, I found it quite interesting…


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