My Pikachu defends the gun raffle. He says it makes total sense. The reason is there are a lot of hunters in my state. The guns being offered as prizes are hunting rifles. My state is encouraging hunting of white-tailed deer because of over-population. “Go out and hunt! If it’s Brown IT IS DOWN.”  :D (Meaning does, young deer, and antlered males.)

Because of the over-population of deer, they are becoming ill with Bovine Tuberculosis and Chronic Wasting Disease. 

@”Kapitán Denis” I did not buy a gun raffle ticket. I do not hunt. No one in my family hunts. We are too lazy for that. Plus our OCD.  Hunting is a messy business. :D 

I never really thought about it, but your comment made me realize that the European Catholic Church may be quite different from the American Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church in America is big on gambling to raise money. They host weekly Bingo tournaments where people can win money and prizes.

Bingo. The Simpson’s featured an episode where Bart became addicted to Catholic Church bingo games. Sadly, I could only find a short video in German from that episode. This video is how to play Bingo.

Knights of Columbus.

The Catholic Men’s group in America is called “The Knights of Columbus.” They do charitable fund-raising activities. Like card games for money. Beer tents at summer festivals.  :D  The KoC is hosting the gun raffle at the local Catholic Church. They go to confession A LOT.  :D




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