@”Kapitán Denis” I think African-Americans could learn something from the Slavic immigrants who came to America in the first half of the 20th century. My ancestors came to America with little to no education, little money and no English language skills. However, they did have drive and determination. They wanted to succeed and better themselves. They learned quickly. They worked hard all day and went to school at night. They learned how to invest in the stock market to make their money work for them. Sometimes on Saturday they took classes. They went to church on Sundays. They devoted their lives to church, family and work. They led disciplined lives. They never thought to take welfare or public charity. 

Today, I am the beneficiary of their hard work. Granted, the Slavic people were generally considered white. Still, they suffered abuse, jokes at their expense, and discrimination. Slavic immigrants could only live in certain neighborhoods, for example.

The big question: Why can’t African-Americans do the same as these immigrants? It is like some of them don’t even try. 


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